Women Ministries of the GLC Spring Celebration #likeagirl

Women Ministries of the GLC Spring Celebration 2015

With this cold, snowy winter still with us it is hard to think of spring. However, it will arrive and Women Ministries is planning to celebrate on April 18.

The Evangelical Covenant Church Women Ministries leadership team will be sharing topics that are pertinent to today’s woman – pulling young women into deeper relationships with God and each other; what is our mission; leadership and domestic violence topics.

Meagan Gillan (Director of Women Ministries), Yvonne DeVaughn (AVA Coordinator), and Christie Pease, Director of Women Ministries of the Northwest Conference all have caring hearts for equipping women to grow, serve and reach out with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Full information is on the attached flyer. Please distribute this flyer to the women of your church in whatever manner makes sense (forward this email, poster in the church or give them a paper copy).

If you or any of the women have a question, please contact me at:

Phyllis Van,
Women Ministries of the GLC Board President

Daily Verse

  • Matthew 7:12 January 19, 2021
    “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”


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