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Reesheda Washington

Reesheda Washington

Retreat Speaker Reesheda Washington brings her love for women’s ministries to us as she shares what it means to be ‘Overflowing’ with the women at the Portage Lake Women Ministries Fall Retreat. Reesheda has a rich background in working in the education system, denomination and other non-profit administrative endeavors, and with communities. She is passionate about obliteration of systemic challenges that face marginalized people groups. She is on the Paul Carlson Partnership Board of Directors that works in places of deep poverty in Central Africa.

Jayme Dominicak

Jayme Dominicak

Worship Leader Jayme Dominicak ’s passion for music has always been at the forefront of her life. Jayme sings, records, arranges and dabbles in production. She most recently served as the Worship Leader at City of Hope Covenant Church in Bolingbrook Illinois.

Breakout Sessions

Project Blue
Did you know that more people have cell phones than have access to clean water? Did you know that lack of clean water is a women’s issue? Obtaining water is a fulltime job for women and children—preventing them from attending school. Learn about how Project Blue is working to provide clean water to communities.
Bible Journaling
If you love to read the Bible—and to draw and journal—welcome to the world of Bible journaling. Make the truth of God’s Word come alive by adding your own artwork and notes right on the page of your Bible. It’s a creative way to meditate and reflect on your reading. Karrie Popa will lead this session to introduce you to this new and expressive way of listening and responding to God.
Missional Moms
What does it mean to be ‘missional?’ Do I have a ‘mission’? How can I have a ‘mission’? I spend all my time shuttling the kids around. Kristine Dreyer, a missional mom herself, shares what it means to be ‘missional’ – for all women, not just moms. Being missional is answering the call to rise and answer God’s call.

Daily Verse

  • 1 Timothy 2:5-6 March 28, 2020
    “For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all people. This has now been witnessed to at the proper time.”


So we are almost done with our first week of mandatory shelter-in-place and end of our second week of voluntary shelter-in-place. Kinda starting to understand why pets try to run out of the house when the front door opens.

I keep hearing all sorts of good things that are going on. Keep it up!

One neighborhood banded together and brought 'Elsa' to visit houses that had smaller children. She stayed outside and sang and danced for the kids. The kids were so thrilled that 'Elsa' came to see them!

We all need something to look forward to in these dark days. These days will not last. We will come out of it.
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