The Educate the Girls Project (2006-2007) raised funds to create a school for the education and empowerment of girls in collaboration with the Covenant Church in Congo (CEUM). A building was erected in Karawa, Congo but was left unfinished. It was named Lycée Vanette for Vanette Thorsell, a beloved teacher who served there for many years. The first class of seventeen girls started in the fall of 2012, ages ranging from 12-25. With limited school supplies and much of the building still unfinished, God has called us to finish what we started. Women Ministries and other generous Covenanters are raising funds for supplies, school fees and more so that Congolese women and girls can be educated and empowered to make meaningful contributions to their communities, families, and churches.

Through your support, Women Ministries of the Great Lakes Conference has been blessed to host several Fun Runs (Walk, Crawl and Sleep-In) to support Lycee Vanette as well as sending board members to the Congo to visit the girls first hand.